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MRV Associates has been in the field of capital markets and financial derivatives since 1991. The firm has had projects covering all types of fixed income products including securitized products and municipal bonds, and equities.  Over-the counter and exchange traded derivatives consulted and trained on have been in credit, foreign exchange, interest rate, oil, and equity sectors.


The Futurization of OTC Derivatives: Full Steam Ahead on Dodd-Frank
CME Group
November 19, 2012

As Basel III and Dodd-Frank financial reform takes effect, global banks’ quest for capital efficiency will continue to drive more derivatives transactions to centralized clearing and result in a boon for exchange and clearing house operators, industry consultant Mayra Rodriguez Valladares said.

The implications for big U.S.-based banks “could not be clearer,” Valladares said in a new report….more


Basel III and Cleared Derivatives: The Bark was Worse than the Bite
CME Group
August 3, 2012

While banks may grouse over stricter derivatives rules recently recommended by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, bank risk managers should focus on the potential upside of new regulation, industry consultant Mayra Rodríguez Valladares said.

Measures known as Basel III, which the committee adopted in June, likely will force banks to migrate more over-the-counter derivatives positions…more


Regulatory Uncertainty, Clearing Economics, and Capital Requirements: The Current State of the Credit Derivatives Market
CME Group
May 18, 2012

Regulatory uncertainty, understanding the economics of clearing, and deciphering capital requirements and their impact are the major themes impacting the credit derivatives market today, according to a wide range of market practitioners at the first Futures Industry Association (FIA) Expo in New York.

The 2008 financial crisis and its ongoing effects, now compounded by the Eurozone crisis…more


The Key to Regulating Derivatives Clearing Organizations
Tabb Forum
December 2012

Recently, a number of articles and white papers have focused on central clearing parties (CCPs) and have renewed market and regulatory interest in these often large and globally interconnected financial institutions. Derivatives clearing entities have gained enormous importance since the G-20 at its Pittsburgh Summit in September 2009 agreed that over-thecounter (OTC) derivatives should be cleared…more

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