Financial Regulations: Influencing Profits, Risk Management, Risks and Opportunities

August 2013

Love financial regulation? Hate it? Either way, there is no doubt that since the 2009 G‐20 Pittsburgh communiqué heralded a new era in financial regulatory frameworks around the world, a huge array of financial institutions and companies from every sector and of every size around the world have had to rethink their risk management strategies. The influence of Basel III, international uniform bank capital standards, and Dodd‐Frank and EMIR, American and European financial regulatory frameworks, respectively, to reform the financial sector and increase consumer protections, has been far reaching. Moreover, many smaller financial institutions and companies have at times been caught by surprise that even when the laws do not apply to them specifically, they are nonetheless influenced by the actions of their clients and counterparties who are bound by these laws and rules…Read More

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