Alumni Testimonials

“The course instructor was very knowledgeable.”

“Very informative class; clear and concise examples.”

“Instructor was able to explain material at an introductory level. The course was very helpful, and I learned a good deal about credit derivatives.”

“The instructor was able to make the subject matter relatable and very clear.”

“Excellent course presented by an excellent instructor.”
“I was very impressed with the course, including the material and the presentation. I learned a lot!”
“Good background history of the market and discussion of specific products.”
“Broad coverage of the Credit Derivatives Market.”
“The professor was amazing. She was able to breakdown a complicated subject and make it clear to all levels and audiences.”
“Broad overview of the credit derivatives market, covered most instruments.”

“Mayra was very knowledgeable, friendly and promoted dialogue.”
“Organization and flow of material from general conceptual framework to detail was easy to follow. The class connected real life scenarios to the concepts.”
“Very useful and relevant material for my area of work.”
“This is a very relevant topic. Good discussion of potential changes (Basel III).”
“The course presented a good overview of the different aspects of Basel-related topics.

“A good review on the basics of credit risk.”
“The instructor is extremely experienced in the credit risk field.”
“This course contained many helpful case studies.”
“The course material was current, especially as related to current market conditions and Basel II.”
“The instructor is knowledgeable and the handouts are useful.”

“This course was very useful.”
“The instructor’s knowledge of Emerging Markets and derivatives was a strength of this course.”

“Good introduction to energy markets.”
“Mayra is very knowledgeable about this topic and presents that knowledge effectively.”
“This is an excellent class with good content and a very good teacher.”

“The instructor has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is extremely useful.”
“The course presents a holistic approach to valuation.”

“Good instructor and good material!”
“The instructor was a very clear speaker and interesting to listen to.”
“Excellent instructor and well-organized material!”
“The course was very interactive.”

“Clear explanations; effective use of examples”
“The instructor was extremely effective at clarifying complex subject matter”
“Integration of articles and current materials. Very interactive with class.”
“The depth of the material”
“Good high level overview of structured products”
“Very good description of products, instructor was able to answer questions”
“Instructor’s knowledge, and her education skill to structure information”
“Very good overview and starting point for future exploration of the topic”
“Very good in explaining the general info about structured products”
“The instructor is very knowledgeable” “Good and informative”

“Very applicable to intended audience. (auditors, regulators, compliance)”
“Instructor extremely knowledgeable”
“The instructor was extremely informative & was able to clearly explain the material”

“Knowledge of products and risks”

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