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MRV Associates has been providing consulting and training services on the Basel regulatory frameworks since 2003. She has worked with private sector and bank regulators in 25 countries on identifying Basel III needs and training professionals in the auditing, compliance, risk management, financial regulatory, and IT fields.


Are Cries to Break Up the Big Banks about Reform or Revenge?
American Banker
March 19, 2013

Lately, the “too big to fail” debate has intensified as if only now has an urgent need to find a scapegoat to slaughter emerged. Certainly, the numerous scandals and examples of gross mismanagement at financial institutions invite criticism and derision.
It is critical to have an intelligent and in-depth discussion about whether the top 12 U.S. banks, which make up 70% of all banking assets benefit from government subsidies and bailouts…more


Bank OpRisk Ignored More than a Bridesmaid
American Banker
February 22, 2013

Banks and the financial regulatory world have changed significantly since I started consulting and training on the Basel accords ten years ago. Unfortunately, the neglect of operational risk remains the same…more


We’re a Long Way from Bedford Falls Banking
American Banker
January 24, 2013

A recent BankThink post bemoans the one-size-fits-all application of Basel III. But the reason capital rules have become so sweeping is because banks have become bigger, more complex and more connected to the global economy, writes Mayra Rodríguez Valladares…more


You Call that Liquidity? New Basel III Liquidity Rules Ineffectual
American Banker
January 7, 2013

How do you get 27 countries with different cultures and political systems, often at different points of the credit cycle, to agree on a reform plan for the global financial system?
Answer: By watering it down…more


Throwing out the Basel III Baby Out with the Bath Water
CME Group
November 14, 2012

As a “Bring down Basel III” media chorus grows louder, it’s important to fully understand any regulatory framework changes and remember that no system is perfect, industry consultant Mayra Rodriguez Valladares said.

Basel III rules, the tighter restrictions on derivatives and capital requirements adopted earlier this year by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, are a “very useful tool to…more


Basel III – Delaying Rules a Bad Idea for US Banks
CME Group
August 9, 2012

U.S. banking regulators’ decision to extend the comment period on proposed tighter capital rules for U.S. banks only serves to delay much-needed improvements in risk management for the largest financial institutions, industry consultant Mayra Rodriguez Valladares said.On August 8, amid pressure from Republican lawmakers and bank lobbyists, the Federal Reserve and two other U.S. bank regulators…more


Basel III and Cleared Derivatives: The Bark was Worse than the Bite
CME Group
August 3, 2012

While banks may grouse over stricter derivatives rules recently recommended by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, bank risk managers should focus on the potential upside of new regulation, industry consultant Mayra Rodríguez Valladares said.

Measures known as Basel III, which the committee adopted in June, likely will force banks to migrate more over-the-counter derivatives positions…more


Auditors Play Key Role in Basel III
CME Group
July 23, 2012

Capital standards for global banks recently recommended by Basel Committee on Banking Supervision are important, but it’s important to remember that these reform efforts are not about managing by numbers.

The reform measures known as Basel III, which the committee adopted in June, are aimed at giving banks guidance on how they can improve their corporate governance, industry consultant Mayra…more


US Basel III Rules: Who will be Impacted and How?
CME Group
June 19, 2012

In a long awaited move, the Federal Reserve voted unanimously on June 7, 2012 to adopt several Basel III rules in the United States. The public now has until September 7, 2012 to provide comment. In this first piece in a series, Mayra Rodriguez Valladares, explores the implications of how Basel III will impact US banks and their counterparties and customers…more


Chinese Banking Regulators Announce Early Implementation of Basel III: Can They Deliver?
CME Group
May 16, 2012

The condition of Chinese banks should matter to global market participants, not only because they exemplify the health of the Chinese economy, now so intertwined with the rest of the world, but also because the Federal Reserve is just beginning to allow Chinese banks to expand into the US. On May 8th, the Federal Reserve approved the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China’s purchase of an 80%…more


Brazilian Banks Set to Meet Basel III Ahead of Schedule
CME Group
April 5, 2012

Joining Canadian and Chinese financial regulators, Brazilian bank regulators have announced that their banks will start implementing Basel III in 2013, much earlier than the global deadline. Even before implementation starts, Brazilian banks and investors are already being impacted. In an attempt to meet the 2013 Brazilian deadline, banks have begun to issue securities. In January, for example,…more


Basel III: Can it be Implemented in Emerging Markets?
CME Group
March 14, 2012

Banks in emerging markets are increasingly important to Australian, European, and US investors. Furthermore, identifying and monitoring the financial health of emerging market banks is important not only to understand the level of credit exposure that developed market investors might have, but also as a gage of emerging markets’ country, sovereign, and economic risk.

A key metric of a bank’s…more

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