MRV Associates, Inc. has completed projects successfully in the financial, oil, electricity, internet, and the telecommunications sectors. MRV Associates has had projects in Argentina, Armenia, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kosova, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Southern Sudan, Suriname, Tajikistan, the UK, the US, Uruguay and Uzbekistan.  Since 1998, some of MRV Associates’ major clients have been or are in the following sectors:



  • The New York Institute of Finance
    • Regularly conducts courses on: Basel II and III, Dodd-Frank, credit derivatives, fundamentals of equity, interest rate, and foreign exchange derivatives (forwards, swaps, futures, and options), and credit portfolio risk management
    • Has trained for NYIF in China, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, UK and the US
  • CME Group
    • Deliver workshops to legislators, regulators, and other market participants on derivatives and impact of Dodd-Frank on energy companies
    • Deliver courses on structured finance, municipal bonds, credit risk in emerging markets, and operational risk of OTC derivatives
  • Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
    • Runs and teaches in The International Banking School for senior bank examiners
    • Delivers workshops and presentations on Basel III, emerging markets, securitized products(ABS, CDOs, & MBSs), and credit derivatives
  • Commodities Futures Trade Commission
    • Create and deliver credit, equity, and interest rate derivatives courses
    • Train lawyers, supervisors, and enforcement specialists on life cycle of derivatives
  • GFMI
    • Frequently, trains on macroeconomics, Basel II, equity valuation, equity modeling, emerging markets and derivatives
  • CIFT Financial Training Solutions
    • Trained market participants on credit risk management and financial derivatives
  • Gerson Lerhman
    • Mayra Rodríguez Valladares is a Council Member and periodically informs clients about key topics such as Basel II, credit derivatives, and petrodollar flows
  • Bearing Point
    • Consulted Central Bank of the Philippines on market risk, derivatives, and risk based supervision(FIRST Initiative)
    • Consulted Central Bank of Armenia on risk based supervision and credit risk modeling (USAID)
    • Created a market risk management course for Egyptian central bankers and upgraded the Central Bank of Egypt’s off-site bank supervisor manual (FIRST INITIATIVE)
    • Taught Bulgarian National Bank’s central bankers foreign exchange and interest rate risk courses (USAID)
    • Trained Uzbek central bankers in Tashkent on foreign exchange fundamentals through a USAID project
    • Trained Indonesian central bankers in Jakarta on market risks and financial instruments that mitigate risks
    • Taught Tajik central bankers in Dushanbe on the basics of foreign exchange, fixed income, and equity markets through a USAID project
  • Jeremiah Associates 
    • Delivered workshops on operations risk and consulted on credit derivatives
  • FTFNews
    • Trained participants on commodities markets
  • Euromoney
    • Trained participants on impact of TARP like programs using examples of the US, Ireland, and Malaysia
    • Delivered courses on oil and gas company valuation techniques


Enterprise Development

  • Segura Consulting/IP3
    • Consulted to Albanian and Serb businesses in Kosovo to help them create an advocacy mechanism to minimize business challenges
  • US State Department, Civilian Research Defense Fund, and International Executive Services Corp
    • Led consulting project with a science facility in the southern Moscow Region as part of the US’s BioIndustry Initiative; training scientists in business planning and marketing in order for them to commercialize their institute


Market and Sector Research

  • Cambridge Energy Research Associates
    • Researched and wrote Russian electricity analysis for CERA’s 1999 Russian Energy Outlook
  • IFM Resources
    • Wrote a number of business plans for a Canadian oil company raising funds to invest in Kazakhstan
  • John S. Herold
    • Researched US oilfield services research products as part of Herold’s new product development strategy

  Economic development

  • Chatham House
    • Analyzed and wrote about Middle East and North African economies and about the feasibility of the creation of a need for a new regional development bank

  Software and Internet

  • Digital Allegiance
    • Wrote business plan for this Miami-based Internet marketing company; created company’s financial model
  • Anthem Technologies
    • Wrote business plan for this Indian software development company

  Community Outreach and Development

  • Repertorio Español
    • Conducted community outreach for this New York Spanish language theatre
  • Great Books Foundation
    • Marketed this Chicago-based non-profit’s work in the Latino communities across the US; also assisted in fund raising


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