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MRV Associates has had numerous banking, financial regulatory, and energy projects since 1988 in more than twenty countries.  Projects have been conducted in English, Spanish, and Russian and with simultaneous Arabic, Bahasan, and Chinese interpretation.


Unintended Regulatory Consequences? The Emerging Market Opportunity
Tabb Forum
February 11, 2013

There is renewed interest in emerging markets — primarily due to the fact that the top emerging markets are growing while growth in the so called developed countries has been anemic and, in some European countries, declining. Yet financial regulatory developments should also generate investor interest in emerging markets, since banks in developed markets may have a hard time expanding or even sustaining their forays in emerging markets as they try to comply with Dodd-Frank, Basel III and European regulations. Meanwhile, domestic economic data and foreign banks’ financial and regulatory woes point to very good growth opportunities for emerging market banks…more


Chinese Banking Regulators Announce Early Implementation of Basel III: Can They Deliver?
CME Group
May 16, 2012

The condition of Chinese banks should matter to global market participants, not only because they exemplify the health of the Chinese economy, now so intertwined with the rest of the world, but also because the Federal Reserve is just beginning to allow Chinese banks to expand into the US. On May 8th, the Federal Reserve approved the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China’s purchase of an 80%…more


Brazilian Banks Set to Meet Basel III Ahead of Schedule
CME Group
April 5, 2012

Joining Canadian and Chinese financial regulators, Brazilian bank regulators have announced that their banks will start implementing Basel III in 2013, much earlier than the global deadline. Even before implementation starts, Brazilian banks and investors are already being impacted. In an attempt to meet the 2013 Brazilian deadline, banks have begun to issue securities. In January, for example,…more


Basel III: Can it be Implemented in Emerging Markets?
CME Group
March 14, 2012

Banks in emerging markets are increasingly important to Australian, European, and US investors. Furthermore, identifying and monitoring the financial health of emerging market banks is important not only to understand the level of credit exposure that developed market investors might have, but also as a gage of emerging markets’ country, sovereign, and economic risk.

A key metric of a bank’s…more


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