Allan Hoffman


"Some people have a brief international stint in their careers, while others, like Mayra Rodríguez Valladares, have an entire career that's international. She has been a foreign exchange trader/analyst at New York's Federal Reserve Bank, and worked in London as a vice president and senior Russian equity analyst for BTAlex and now as an independent consultant running MRV Associates."

James Rives

Former Managing Director, BearingPoint

"I have known Mayra Rodriguez Valladares since 2003 when BearingPoint began to hire MRV Associates for financial training and consulting in numerous government funded financial development assignments in emerging markets. She worked for us in Armenia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sudan, Suriname, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Her primary focus on most of these projects was to provide training to central bankers on risk based supervision, market risk, financial derivatives, and occasionally on credit risk. Mayra is very hardworking and extremely multicultural. She was able to work very well with individuals from very diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. Central bankers and commercial bankers in her courses always gave her very positive evaluations about her knowledge, expertise, and dedication. I highly recommend Mayra to any financial institution or regulator looking to benefit from her expertise."

Andrés Feal

Former economist at Bankers Trust

“Mayra is an intelligent analyst who has a great understanding of her subject. She is innovative and always open to new challenges which made it a pleasure to work with her at BT Alex.Brown.” 

Sharon Segal

Israeli Analyst at BTAlex.Brown

“I worked with Mayra at BTAlex.Brown on the Emerging Markets equity desk. Mayra was really great at her job - she worked diligently and knew everything there was to know about Russian equities. She was also a great team player and her general knowledge on Emerging Markets was excellent."

John Crowley

Senior Consultant Financial Markets International Kiev, Ukraine

"Mayra and I worked together at BT Alex Brown and her insightful equity research was a key tool in our success at winning business throughout the emerging markets. I have continued to rely on her expertise and wisdom in many of the complicated transactions I have done since then.”

Nathan Green

New York Institute of Finance, Asia

"Mayra is a professional and dedicated freelance consultant specializing in technical training across the fields of risk management, capital markets, and financial derivatives. During a significant period of adversity, I turned to Mayra with her extensive experience in financial services, to bridge a critical void of subject matter expertise I faced in the Asia Pacific region. During this period, she delivered a range of training projects for me in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore. Her technical expertise and local market knowledge, coupled with a warm and friendly classroom demeanor and superior presentation skills, saw her consistently exceed client expectations time and time again, helping secure repeat client projects in these locations. Mayra is a polished, conscientious, adaptable and very knowledgeable financial markets consultant and someone I recommend unreservedly." 

Kylie Castor

New York Institute of Finance, Asia

"I've worked with Mayra at the New York Institute of Finance for the past two years. In that time Mayra has consistently provided an extremely high standard of financial training for our clients across the Asia Pacific region. NYIF Asia's clients are always impressed with Mayra's in-depth knowledge and professionalism. A highly skilled and experienced financial expert, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mayra as a world class financial trainer."

Kevin Coldiron

Owner, AC Investors

Mayra and I worked together as analysts in the Foreign Exchange group at the New York Fed. Even then (20 years ago) she had an impressive understanding of the cultural, political as well as financial factors that influence markets.
Her research skills were exceptional. She collected information and established networks of contacts across multiple countries. Her language skills were, of course, very helpful in this. But beyond the ability to communicate in so many languages, she has a personality that allows her to connect with almost anyone. I'm sure this is why she's gone on to be such an effective teacher. I would be happy to elaborate on any points in this recommendation to anyone considering hiring Mayra as a consultant or lecturer."

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