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MRV Associates started working on energy projects in 1995. Projects have included creating cash flow models, writing business plans, and researching market opportunities across multiple geographies. MRV Associates has worked with Canadian, Kazakh, and US energy companies to identify expansion opportunities globally.


Dodd-Frank as a Catalyst for Energy Companies.
CME Group
December 18, 2012

Whatever form Dodd-Frank financial regulation ultimately takes, energy companies need to think seriously about significant changes in their risk management – how they define, identify, measure, control, and monitor macro and financial risks – industry consultant Mayra Rodríguez Valladares said…more


Dodd-Frank Poses Unique Challenges for Energy Firms
CME Group
October 10, 2012

New Dodd-Frank financial regulation poses unique challenges for energy companies, forcing them to establish proper compliance and regulatory reporting mechanisms and making sure they have the right people to carry out these tasks, industry consultant Mayra Rodriguez Valladares said in a report.

Energy and other commodity businesses recently caught a break when a U.S. District Court judge ruled…more


Balkan power in aftermath of Kosovo crisis.

Brazilian E&P unfazed by election worries.

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