Strategic Research

MRV Associates has helped numerous private sector companies and not-for-profit entities with financial modeling, strategic and sector research, market analysis, and product development projects. Some of the sectors and companies for which MRV Associates has provided these services are:



  • Cambridge Energy Research Associates
    • Researched and wrote Russian electricity analysis for CERA’s 1999 Russian Energy Outlook
  • IFM Resources
    • Wrote a number of business plans for a Canadian oil company raising funds to invest in Kazakhstan
  • John S. Herold
    • Researched US oilfield services research products as part of Herold’s new product development strategy

  Economic Development

  • Chatham House
    • Analyzed and wrote about Middle East and North African economies and about the feasibility of the creation of a new regional development bank

  Software and Internet

  • Digital Allegience
    • Wrote business plan for this Miami-based Internet marketing company; created company’s financial model
  • Anthem Technologies
    • Wrote business plan for this Indian software development company; created company’s cashflow model

  Community Outreach and Development

  • Repertorio Español
    • Conducted community outreach and fundraising for this New York Spanish language theatre
  • Great Books Foundation
    • Marketed this Chicago-based non-profit’s work in the Latino communities across the US; also assisted in fund raising
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